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      AIMLESS JOURNEY tells the compelling story of Sidney Morelli, a confused, half-Jewish college graduate facing an uncertain future.  His story begins in California in 1968, the bloodiest period of the Vietnam War.  Sidney, with the help of his devoted friend, Marty, devises a plan whereby he can avoid the military draft.  This plan sets in motion a series of events and adventures involving love, faith, sex, politics and heroism, forcing Sidney to confront issues of religious belief, commitment and fate.  And, with each experience, he is plagued with the nagging question of whether life's events are the result of accident, luck, or part of a plan, Divine or otherwise.  This question is only met with more questions, and is addressed with emotion and humor, with the ultimate answer being left to the reader.


     THE COFFEE CONSPIRACY tells the compelling story of Mendy Wilson, a highly intelligent, not very ambitious Harvard graduate, who, through a series of occurrences beyond his control, becomes destitute and homeless. It is because of that sad state of affairs that he finds himself in the middle of an impending terrorist attack on New York City, the government agents sworn to thwart that attack, and the terrorists themselves.
     Armed only with his innate intelligence, a few meager possessions, and his unfailing conviction that he will someday, in some way, do something important, Mendy Wilson is thrust, headlong into this murky, dangerous world, with Eva, his friend and confidante as the only person to whom he can share his thoughts.
And who is the terrorist that they seek? The professor? The Starbucks manager? Or someone else? The clock keeps ticking. Will Mendy and the government agents stop the plot before it is too late?

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