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Aimless Journey

ISBN-13: 9781484908051

     AIMLESS JOURNEY tells the compelling story of Sidney Morelli, a confused, half-Jewish college graduate facing an uncertain future.  His story begins in California in 1968, the bloodiest period of the Vietnam War.  Sidney, with the help of his devoted friend, Marty, devises a plan to avoid the military draft.  This plan sets in motion a series of events and adventures involving love, faith, sex, politics and heroism.  With each experience, Sidney is forced to confront issues of religious belief, commitment and fate.  And, each time, he is plagued with the nagging question of whether life's events are the result of accident and luck, or part of some plan, Divine or otherwise.  This question is met only with more questions, and is addressed with emotion and humor.  The ultimate answer is left to the reader.

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